Applet Collection


  1. Families of Functions/Function Graphs with parameters
  2. Graphical Function Evaluator
  3. Multiple Graphs


  1. First and Second Derivatives
  2. Function Composition and Chain Rule
  3. Limits, epsilon/delta
  4. Parametric Curves
  5. Riemann Sums
  6. Secant and Tangent Lines
  7. Series Grapher
  8. Tangent Lines and Derivatives

Ordinary Differential Equations and Difference Equations

  1. Direction Field
  2. Phase Portrait
  3. Stairstep Diagram
  4. ODE Lab

Partial Differential Equations

  1. The Method of Characteristics with applications to Conservation Laws

Numerical Analysis

  1. Numerical ODEs
  2. Chebyshev Interpolation (Internet Explorer only)
  3. Gibbs phenomenon and postprocessing methods

Numerical Partial Differential Equations

Numerical PDE examples using software that I wrote many years ago, Simulation Enviornment for Numerical Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (SENOPDE).
  1. Numerical Advection

Some of the above applets allows the user to enter their own functions, the expressions that the function parser accepts are described here. Some of the above applets are based on code from the Java Components for Mathematics project.