The Radial Basis Function Toolbox

The Radial Basis Function Toolbox (RBFT) is a collection of functions for implementing RBF interpolation methods and RBF methods for the numerical solution of PDEs on scattered centers located in complexly shaped domains.   The toolbox is currently available in Matlab (MRBFT).  A Python (PRBFT) version will be released in the future.  The Matlab version uses the Multiprecision Computing Toolbox to seamlessly implement extended precision floating point arithmetic in all RBFT routines. 

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The functionality of the toolbox is organized via object oriented programming into several classes.


Scripts: The toolbox comes with a collection of scripts that demonstrate its usage, benchmark its performance, and verify that its algorithms produce the correct results.  The scripts are located in the following folders.

MRBFT Downloads


The MRBFT is described in the manuscript

All the numerical results in the following manuscript were produced with the MRBFT (in particular the rbfCentro class was used)
The double and extended precision "standard basis" RBF results in the following used the

The rbfRational class that is new in version 1.1 was used in

Future plans

Change logs

Citing the MRBFT

If the RBFT has been significant to a project that leads to an academic publication, please acknowledge that fact by citing the project.  The academic reference for the MRBFT is this paper.  The BibTex entry for the paper is

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or in plain text:

S. A. Sarra.  The Matlab Radial Basis Function Toolbox.  Journal of Open Research Software, vol. 5, 2017. 

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